10 Tips For a Better Road Trip

10 Tips For a Better Road Trip

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Whether you're finally taking that cross-country road trip you've been dreaming about or just heading home for the holidays, there's no question that a car trip can be one of the best ways to get from point A to point B. But what if your car breaks down? What if your kid gets motion sickness? What if you run out of snacks before you even hit the highway?

Your top 10 road trip tips. 

Summer isn’t over yet, so we know you may still have a few road trips planned. We made this list of the top ten tips for a better road trip experience.


1. Get an oil change before you go.

Oil changes are essential for safety. If your engine isn't getting regular oil changes, it may not run smoothly or efficiently. That could lead to overheating or other problems that could cause accidents on the road. Additionally, oil changes are important for fuel economy. Over time, the properties of the engine oil change. If you don't get regular oil changes, your car won't be burning fuel as well as it should—which means more money spent at the pump!

2. Have the right road trip accessories.

If traveling with children in the car means that they'll spend half the trip looking out of windows at passing scenery (or into backseat screens), consider bringing along something that will keep their attention focused forward, such as books or toys. 

3. Use navigation automation for easier driving.

You should always have a GPS in your car, no matter how good you think you are at driving. There's nothing more frustrating than getting lost on the road and not knowing where to go or how to get there. Using a smartphone app is one way of keeping track of where you are going, but it can drain your phone battery quickly if left on while driving. If you want an alternative solution, use a portable GPS instead. This will make navigating much easier since it won't require extra battery power from your phone or tablet.

4. Make sure your tires can make the trip.

The condition of your tires can also determine how long they'll last on road trips. Tire rotations are an easy way to help prolong their life and keep them in good shape. Make sure to assess tread and air pressure additionally. 

5. Get a tune-up before you go.

Check the oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Having your engine fluids checked at least twice a year (or at every oil change appointment) is always a good idea. If you've been putting off doing it, now is the time! You'll want to check the tires as well—and make sure they're adequately inflated. You should also check that your battery and alternator are working correctly and that your belts and hoses are still in good shape (old ones can break suddenly). 

6. Pack snacks to save money.

Snacking on the road is cheaper than buying meals, and it can be healthier, too! Pasta salad is a great example of a dish that can serve as both a meal and a snack. It's also handy because it doesn't require refrigeration, so you don't have to worry about keeping your food cold. If you're not into pasta but still want something easy and delicious, peanut butter crackers are another option

7. Have your playlist at the ready.

The main thing to remember when it comes to travel is that you have to make the most of your time on the road. Make sure you have entertainment at the ready in case long stretches of silence or traffic slows down. Create a playlist with songs for everyone and have it ready to pull up on your phone. Podcasts and audiobooks are great alternatives to music, and sometimes it helps break up the time better to listen to all three things in hour intervals. 

8. Keep lots of things on hand for illness.

You deserve a gold star if you make it across the country (or across the county) without at least one child throwing up. Keep bags, cleaning supplies, and medicine in your car so you don’t have to get the marked-up versions at the store. 

9. Use travel apps.

Travel apps are great for planning and getting excited about your upcoming road trip. You can use a travel app to find out about local events, places to eat or stay, and even book event tickets.

10. Plan out where you’re going to be getting your gas. 

If possible, know how much it costs to fill up at various locations on your route: if one location has lower prices than another nearby station (or even right next door), make sure that's where you get your fill-up!


In addition, make sure to have your roadside assistance numbers ready! This can be especially useful if your car breaks down on an isolated stretch of road, where there's no one else around who might be able to help!

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