What to Have In Your Car’s First-Aid Kit

What to Have In Your Car’s First-Aid Kit

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Your car’s first aid kit is almost as important as gasoline.


Definitely not as important, but almost. Your car’s first-aid kit is the first aid kit you purchase, fill, and keep somewhere in your car for when you’re traveling. Especially if you like to get out and explore with your kiddos or dogs, it’s essential to have a first aid kit readily available in your vehicle. It can come in handy for hikes, camping trips, or casual park excursions.

The First-Aid Kit You Store In Your Car 

You’ll likely need two kits in your car: the kit for the humans and animals and the kit specifically for your vehicle. The main difference is what they’ll be used for; that distinction doesn’t need much explanation. But just in case, let us be clear: the human and animal first-aid kit will help you with any injuries on yourself or your kid or your pet, while the car first-aid kit is just a cute name for the extra stuff you might need for your vehicle (like jumper cables). In the first aid kit for you that you should always have stored in your car, don’t forget to include:

  1. Band-aids. Keeping a box of band-aids on hand will come in handy more often than you think! Most parents know that band-aids are as essential as their wallets when their kids are of a certain age.
  2. Rubbing alcohol. If you get a nasty cut, rubbing alcohol may help prevent infection.
  3. Tweezers. These can help remove splinters or ticks.
  4. Gauze. This is much easier applied to dogs than a band-aid, and you’ll be glad to have it if a pet injury occurs.
  5. Icepack. Sometimes, an icepack can give you the sweet relief you need after a fall or sprain. 

Your car first-aid kit should be able to help you with minor injuries like a scraped knee or a this-might-need-stitches situation. It can be a helpful placeholder before you go to receive professional help. But, of course, if the situation calls for it, wait for medical professionals to arrive. 

The First-Aid Kit For Your Car 

You should always have a few things at the ready in case your car has been “injured”, whether that be via flat tire, dead battery, or collision. In your car, make sure to have road flares and water bottles. You’ll also be well advised to always have jumper cables in case your car dies and extra fluids in case you run out (windshield wiper fluid is important to have on hand!). Don’t forget to keep an eye on the location of your manual for emergencies, too.


Before you need the first-aid kit, some things can be avoided in the form of preventative maintenance. Come see us at Placentia Super Service for your pre-hike oil change, before camping alignment, or road trip-ready radiator repair. We welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop for all inspections so we can fix anything that needs repair. If you are interested in bringing your car into the shop, click here to schedule an appointment or find us at 643 S Melrose St, Placentia, CA 92870!


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