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The Key to Peace of Mind and Savings is Your Car’s Fluids

When your car’s fluids are just the right quality (not just quantity) they protect your car from failure. That leads to greater peace of mind for you and certainly big savings over time.

Neglected Fluids Is The Root Cause Of Most Major Breakdowns

Every major system in your car has fluids that are protecting and helping it work right. Fluids provide lubrication in some of the systems like in your engine and transmission. In other systems, they also provide protection from corrosion. As time and miles tick away, those fluids break down. As this happens, their ability to provide lubrication and corrosion prevention disappear.

It is critical to understand that it is not just about having the proper level of fluid, but also fresh, high-quality fluid. Each system in your car has different fluid needs. Your braking/ABS system, power steering, cooling system, automatic transmission, and driveline all depend on proper fluid protection.

What Neglected Fluids Do

Neglected fluids cause damage to moving parts because of friction, or corrosion of system components – or both. You wouldn’t think of neglecting your engine oil because you know that it is likely to lead to your engine freezing up because of too much friction inside makes parts break or excessively wear. This is true in your other systems too.

When your fluids are old, they lose their ability to protect against corrosion of parts inside each of the systems. When this happens it is only a matter of time before something breaks or freezes up.

The Bottom Line

Care for all the fluids in your car, not just your oil. We will make fluid exchange recommendations based on your particular car, your driving habits, and other factors. We can tell you when the fluids just need to be topped-off, changed or when the system needs to be flushed/cleaned out too.

Doing this important step leads to lower overall cost of ownership — and MUCH GREATER PEACE OF MIND!

Call us today to get an inspection of your fluids.

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