Exhaust and Catalytic Converters

Exhaust repair


The Importance of Your Muffler and Exhaust System

Your car’s exhaust system has two major important functions: 1) it works to keep your engine running correctly and 2) it keeps your car’s cabin free of toxic exhaust fumes. Additionally the emissions work it performs keeps pollutants out of the air and keeps your car’s fuel efficiency at its peak.

Common Exhaust System Problems

To maintain all of the benefits of your exhaust system, it is important to know if something is malfunctioning. Below are some common problems and what can be done about them.

- Loud Rattling Noise Under Your Car

If you hear something like a metal coffee can with pennies inside being shaken while you idle, you could have a problem with your Catalytic Converter. The Catalytic Converter is usually the most expensive item in your exhaust system. It is very important to proper function of your car to have this checked and replaced if needed. A bad catalytic converter will usually fail a smog test and usually you will see the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine” light comes on when there’s a problem here.

- Vibration Coming From Under the Car

You should bring your car in if you feel any vibration in the car that may be coming from under the car. We can do an exhaust system inspection to help determine the cause. Often times when you have an exhaust system failure you’ll feel a vibration in your pedals, steering wheel or in your seat. When you see this problem it usually means there is a hole or leak in the system or a possibly a disconnected part.

- Fumes Inside the Car

When your exhaust pipe is not functioning properly your car’s toxic fumes can find their way into your car’s cabin. This is dangerous and should be remedied right away. When the muffler or tailpipe is not functioning properly, it can wind up causing engine damage too. It is important to have a qualified mechanic inspect your muffler occasionally.

- More Exhaust or Rumbling Noise

If you hear a low rumbling noise from your muffler or too much exhaust coming out, you should have the exhaust system inspected immediately. When you delay on proper repair you run the risk of much more expensive repairs.

If your car is showing any of these problems, it’s best to get an inspection so you can make an informed decision. Delaying this can cost you more money in more major repairs.

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