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Transmissions Can Be More Costly Than Your Engine

Did you know that a transmission failure that needs replacement can be several thousand dollars, and in many cars today it is more expensive than a new engine? Too many drivers don’t understand the importance of proper care with the automatic transmission. At Placentia Super Service, we aim to help you avoid the major hassle and expense from a new transmission.

Are You Currently Having Transmission Problems?

If you feel your transmission slipping, grinding or whining abnormally it is extremely important to have an inspection immediately. Neglecting at this point can result in major damage.

Sometimes a minor repair is all that is needed. Troubleshooting by an ASE Master Technician is critical because an inexperienced mechanic may tell you that a new transmission is needed when only a minor repair was necessary. At Placentia Super Service, we have the qualifications and decades of experience that lead to an accurate diagnosis.

The Importance of Routine Transmission Service

As you can see by the photos above, your transmission is filled with lots of intricate gears and components that must all mesh together just right. At the core of proper function of those mechanical parts is the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid is there to add lubrication AND PROTECTION FROM CORROSION.

As you can imagine when metal parts constantly move among metal parts, there is friction. The transmission fluid is there to reduce that friction so the parts don’t wear out. That fluid is also there to protect those metals from corrosion which happens when the fluid’s protective qualities break down with time and use.

When you don’t have your transmission fluid exchanged with fresh fluid every couple of years, you run the risk of ruining your transmission. We recommend you have your transmission fluid completely removed, the system flushed of all the bad fluids, and the screens/filters cleaned or replaced in accordance with your manufacturer’s recommendation or sooner.

If you would like to schedule a service or inspection, call us today.

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