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Your Cooling System is Extremely Important

While every driver seems to know the importance of changing their oil so that it won’t cause a major cost from a seized engine, many people seem to miss the importance of a properly maintained cooling system.

The cooling system’s job is to keep the engine cool so that it won’t overheat, so that it won’t seize. The system’s components include the radiator where the coolant is circulated through while air rushes through to air-cool that coolant. Your radiator can deteriorate and cause it to fail. Read about proper coolant fluid replacement here.

#1 Cause of Radiator Failure

The number one cause for failure is poor maintenance of your coolant fluid. The coolant has properties that keep it cool and lubricates the cooling system. When those properties begin to diminish, as they do with time and mileage, their protective qualities disappear. When that happens, rust and corrosion is introduced and parts start to fail, including your expensive radiator.

Can Your Radiator Be Repaired, Or Only Replaced?

The answer to this question depends on the severity of the problem. On many occasions we’ve been able to save our customers a load of money by simply repairing the radiator. However, other times, the damage is so bad and the coolant just doesn’t flow because of corrosion, that there is no choice but to replace it. We will always try to determine the right course of action in your situation and give you advice on the right way to go.

What About Do-it-Yourself Repairs?

Some people try to use epoxy to seal holes in their radiators. This may have some value in some cases. But knowing when takes experience and knowledge. For example, epoxy on some parts of the cooling system can cause damage. Also, it is almost always a very short term fix and should be repaired professionally, that is IF you prefer to have peace of mind from knowing your cooling system (which protects you from major expense) is properly repaired.

If you’re just not sure and you really need peace of mind, bring it by and let our ASE Certified mechanic take a look for you. Call us.

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