10 Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Put Off Before School Starts

Photo by MChe Lee on Unsplash


As the back-to-school rush begins and everyone sets out for school supplies and necessities, it may skip your mind to have your vehicle serviced. However, it is important to make sure your car is ready for the school year and for all the transportation requirements that will come with extracurricular activities. To have your vehicle prepared for the school drop-offs and pickups, we have compiled a list of 10 car repairs that you should tackle before school is back in session: 


  1. Oil Change: An oil change is always a good idea when your oil levels are low, or the oil is dirty. Having sufficient oil in your vehicle ensures proper lubrication of moving components and prevents overheating from said moving parts.

  2. Fluids: There are several fluids that your vehicle requires. Power steering, antifreeze, coolant, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid are some fluids you should ensure are “topped-off.” Another note worth mentioning is that you should have your auto technician check for any possible leaking of your fluids.

  3. Tire Rotation: Your front tires usually experience higher wearing than your rear tires. This means your tires are being used at an uneven pace. To combat this, having your tires rotated means your tires wear out evenly, preventing further damage to your vehicle.

  4. Wiper Blades: Whenever it rains on the road or you experience heavy mist, the first thing you might do is to turn on your wiper blades. It is crucial to be able and rely on these tools to enable a clear vision of the road ahead to prevent accidents. That is why having your wiper blades inspected and replaced if needed is vital to keeping your wiper blades’ reliability and trust.

  5. Lights: Following in the footsteps of Wiper Blades in ensuring vision ahead of the road, your headlights will do the same but by providing light in the darkness. Driving at night is almost impossible without proper lighting, which is why having your headlights inspected is crucial to safe traveling. Another thing to note is having your reverse lights, high beams, and interior lighting inspected as well. 

  6. Timing Belt Inspection: Your timing belts are essential to a well-running engine. These belts ensure all the parts of your vehicle are running smoothly and at the pace, they should be. Having them inspected is essential to make sure there are no rips or tears in the belts.

  7. Axle Alignment: If you ever feel your car pulls to the sides when you let go of your steering wheel, then you might require an axle alignment. A proper axle alignment will provide less strain on your wrists from fighting the ‘pull’ and will also make sure your vehicle runs straight and parallel.

  8. Brake Inspection: Your brakes have the vital job of providing a safe halt in case of an emergency or to come to a complete stop. Having your brakes checked is important to make sure you can always count on your brakes to be there for the safety of yourself and your passengers.

  9. Air Filter & A/C: Your air filter provides clean air for your vehicle while your A/C cools down the air to your desired temperature. In conjuncture, they work together to provide comfort and safety from high heat. 

  10. Tire Regrooving: Your tires naturally wear out, so it is necessary to have them inspected. When they reach a point in which they are too low in the height of the grooves, having them regrooved will allow them to last longer and keep providing traction and handling when on the road.


The certified and superior auto mechanics at Placentia Auto Repair will happily inspect your vehicle for any faults in the items listed above. They will gladly fix any problem before you leave our shop! Schedule your appointment today or visit us at 643 S Melrose St,

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