3 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Rain

3 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Rain

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3 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Rain

As the rains approach, it's essential to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to handle the wet and slippery roads that lie ahead. One of the most crucial ways to do this is to ensure you have reliable wipers to maintain a clear view of the road. 

In this blog, we'll provide three essential tips to prepare your vehicle for the rain, focusing on maintaining functional wipers. Remember, we want to keep our Placentia community safe on the roads. If you do get in an accident, please feel free to contact our team to get your vehicle in working shape. Let's dive in!

Inspect and Replace Worn Wiper Blades

Your car's wiper blades are your first defense against rain, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead. But wiper blades can become cracked, torn, or worn out over time, leading to streaks, smears, and reduced visibility. 

To check your wiper’s condition, lift the wiper arms away from the windshield and examine the rubber blade for any wear or damage. It is crucial to do this before the rain begins, and if you notice any signs of deterioration, you know it's time for a replacement.

Ensure Proper Windshield Cleaning and Rain Repellent

Having clean windshields is as essential as having functional wipers. Dirty glass can exacerbate the smearing and streaking caused by worn wiper blades, making it even more challenging to see clearly during heavy rain. 

Regularly clean your windshield using a glass cleaner specifically designed for automotive use. Avoid using household glass cleaners containing ammonia, as they can damage the delicate surfaces of your car.

Additionally, consider applying a rain-repellent product to your windshield. Rain repellents create a hydrophobic barrier that causes rainwater to bead up and roll off the windscreen, enhancing visibility during wet weather. 

However, applying rain repellents can do more harm than good if you don’t pay attention, as improper application can lead to streaks and reduced effectiveness. If you're unsure about the process, our expert technicians at Placentia Super Service can assist you in applying the rain repellent correctly.

Check and Maintain Other Vital Systems

While wipers are crucial for maintaining visibility, they are not the only components that need attention before the rainy season. Ensuring that other vital systems in your car are in good condition can significantly improve your safety and comfort during rainy weather. Here are a few additional areas to check and maintain:

  • Tire Tread and Pressure: Good tire tread depth and proper tire pressure are essential for maintaining traction on wet roads. Check your tire tread regularly and replace tires worn beyond the recommended depth. Also, ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure for optimal performance.
  • Brakes: Reliable brakes are vital for safe driving in any weather condition, especially on slippery roads. Have your brake system inspected by our experienced technicians to ensure everything is in good working order.
  • Lights and Signals: Ensuring all your lights and signals, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals, will help improve visibility and ensure that other drivers can see you in the rain.

Come Get Your Car Ready For Rain At Placentia Super Service!

Getting your car ready for the wet roads ahead is essential as the rainy season approaches. Remember to inspect and replace worn wiper blades, maintain clean windshields, and check and maintain other vital systems in your vehicle. These simple yet crucial steps will significantly enhance your safety and driving experience during rainy weather.


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