How Are Your Wipers Doing?

Photo by Hugo Ramos on Unsplash

You might think that wipers are a pretty low-tech feature on your car, but they play a vital role in ensuring you can see through your windshield. Understandably, though, they may not be on the top of your to-do list! In fact, most of us take them for granted until they stop working altogether. Wipers can be a mystery for many drivers, but luckily it's easy to tell when something is wrong with them. 


Below, I list some critical questions you should ask yourself to investigate whether or not you need new wipers. But first, let’s talk about the importance of your wipers!

The Importance Of Your Wipers

Wipers are a safety feature. If you don't maintain them, they won't work correctly, and you're at risk of causing an accident. They can make a big difference in visibility during bad weather and make it possible for you to see the road ahead of you on rainy days. 


Regularly check your wipers to ensure they're working correctly, so your vision isn't impaired by poor visibility while driving. This can help prevent accidents and tickets from being issued to drivers who cannot see clearly through their windshields due to malfunctioning wipers. When you’re concerned your wipers may need repair, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • How Is Your Wipers Rubber? Is the rubber on your windshield wipers dragging or flying every which way as you drive? If so, it’s time for a new set. 
  • Are Your Wipers Getting Stuck? If your windshield wipers are getting stuck or not moving as smoothly as they should, it’s likely time for a new set. 
  • How Are Your Blades Affecting Your Windshield? The sound of scraping will indicate that the blades and rubber are disconnected, which can damage your windshield.
  • Are They Making Things Better or Worse? If your wipers make visibility lower, it’s time for a new set!

Wiper maintenance is an often overlooked aspect of your car, but it’s also one that can make a big difference. Not only are they essential to your safety while driving, but they’re also helpful in clearing away dirt and grime during rainy or snowy weather. So you want to make sure they’re doing their job right!

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