How To Prepare Your Vehicle For The Fire Season

Fire season is starting, as California is known to experience horrific wildfires that wreak havoc on us and our beloved state. There is a lot that goes into preparing for fire season, including getting your vehicle ready. The team at Placentia Super Service is here to get your vehicle ready for whatever comes it’s way, including wildfires. 

Here is how to prepare your vehicle for the fire season: 

  1. If you are towing, make sure to secure your chains. Dragging chains can lead to sparks, so utilize the appropriate safety pins and hitch ball to secure those chains. 
  2. Perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your vehicle to ensure nothing is dragging on the ground. You can even look underneath your vehicle to make sure nothing is out of place. 
  3. Check that tire pressure. Before fire season is here, you will want to make sure that your tires are in proper condition and overall road-worthy. Driving on an exposed wheel can lead to sparks flying. 
  4. If you are going off the main roads, it might be wise to pack a fire extinguisher, just in case a hot muffler or exhaust catches on something and sparks some flames. A fire extinguisher can come in handy. 
  5. Don’t drive your vehicle into dry grass or brush. This is a dangerous zone! 
  6. It would be wise for a technician to examine your brakes, as worn brakes with too thin metal can lead to sparks. 

Together, we can be prepared for fire season. Head on over to our shop in Placentia, and we will ensure everything is in working order -- one less thing for you to worry about during fire season. For accurate and thorough service, schedule an appointment online or give us a call. You’ll be glad you did! 


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