Keep Your Car Hydrated with Maintenance of These 5 Important Fluids

For many of us, we don't spend that much time thinking about our vehicle's inner workings. We put our key into the ignition, shift the gear into drive, and be ready to go! However, to drive safely and smoothly, a lot goes on underneath the hood. Your car is made up of various components that all work together to ensure your vehicle operates safely. 

We don't usually think about what is under the hood until something stops working. The team at Placentia Super Service is here to remind you that if you are looking to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly for years to come, preventative maintenance is necessary. You need to stay proactive, which means bringing your car to Placentia Super Service for service before you are dealing with a potentially expensive and dangerous problem. There are several components of your vehicle that will need a little TLC from time to time, but we would like to highlight the importance of keeping your car hydrated. 

  1. You can think of your vehicle's fluids as your engine's lifeblood. These fluids need to be at the proper level and free of grime and other debris. Keeping your vehicle hydrated with these fluids will enhance your vehicle's performance and safety. Here is how to keep your vehicle hydrated with the maintenance of these five essential fluids: 
  2. A properly performing braking system is essential to your safety, and a crucial aspect of your braking system is the braking fluid. Your braking fluid is responsible for creating pressure in your car that causes your vehicle to stop. This fluid has a direct impact on your safety. 
  3. Your coolant is a mixture of water and antifreeze that is responsible for keeping your engine cool. This fluid is stored in your radiator, and if you are low on coolant, your vehicle will quickly overheat. 
  4. Whenever we think of fluids in your vehicle, we can't help but think of engine oil. Your engine oil keeps your engine lubricated and clean. 
  5. If you like to maneuver your vehicle quickly and safely, power steering fluid is a must. If you hear unusual noises when you turn the steering wheel, you are most likely low on power steering fluid. 
  6. Transmission fluid ensures the gears in your engine run smoothly. If you notice sudden up and downshifts, odd grinding noises, or spontaneous shifting, your vehicle most likely needs transmission fluid. 

Along with maintaining the fluid levels in your vehicle, wheel alignment is also crucial for the overall health and safety of your vehicle. When you need a wheel alignment in Placentia, CA, turn to the team at Placentia Super Service. We are here to help, as we are constantly striving to provide new services to our customers. We have recently installed a Hunter Hawkeye Elite aligner with an L451L-18k alignment rack, which allows us to align any vehicle up to a 211” wheelbase, and up to 9’10’ wide. Our Hunter-Certified alignment technicians are ready and willing to make sure your vehicles are properly aligned.Schedule an appointment online. Placentia Super Service is conveniently located at 643 S. Melrose Street, Placentia, CA 92870. 


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