Preparing Your Vehicle for the Spooky Weather

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Today, community drivers are preparing their vehicles for the rainy season in the greater Los Angeles area. Rainy days and nights can make driving very spooky when you're unprepared. Preparing for bad weather on the road can make all the difference in staying safe and avoiding an accident.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Spooky Weather

The rainy season is an excellent time to check your vehicle’s tires, wipers, and lights. 


Check your fluids. You should also ensure that your car has enough windshield fluid and antifreeze. 


Look at tire pressure. Check the tire pressure and condition of your wiper blades to ensure they work properly. 


Check out your headlights. Visibility is essential to stay safe on the road, so be sure there is no damage to your headlights or taillights.


Get a brake inspection. If you haven't had a brake inspection recently, now is a great time! Brakes need regular maintenance throughout the year—even during sunny autumn days—to keep them in tip-top shape for those wet winter months ahead.


Check your tires. It's essential to know how much tread is left on your tires and if they're in good condition, as this will keep you safe on the road in bad weather conditions. Bald tires or those with low tread can cause hydroplaning at highway speeds. Hydroplaning is dangerous because it causes you to lose control of your vehicle. Regularly check the tire tread depth on your tires, and be sure to replace them when they approach the legal minimum tread depth. You may want to consider replacing all four tires at once for best grip on wet roads.


Check tire pressure monthly. If you don't know when the last time was that you checked the air pressure in your tires, now is a good time!


Replace your windshield wipers. If your windshield wiper blades are worn out or cracked, they'll smear instead of removing moisture from your windshield. That means more time spent trying to see through a foggy windshield and a greater risk for accidents.


Come in and see us at Placentia Super Service if you need help with anything on this list!

California Weather Can Be Unpredictable This Time of Year. 

The rainy season has arrived, so you must check your vehicle's safety equipment. Don't wait until there's a problem! We welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop for oil changes, tune-ups, repairs, and everything in between. Come and see us at Placentia Super Service! If you are interested in bringing your car into the shop, click here to schedule an appointment or find us at 643 S Melrose St, Placentia, CA 92870!


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