Spring is Here! Is Your Car Ready?

We are all so ready for spring -- the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, the grass is starting to grow, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Even though you might be ready for spring, your vehicle might not be. Winter takes a toll on your vehicle, and your vehicle has to work overtime during this season. 

Before spring is officially here, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our shop, so we can get your vehicle ready for spring. Here are some must-do services our technicians will perform: 

  1. Take time for your tires. Even though winter may be coming to an end, we all have heard of the saying: “April showers mean May flowers.” While your vehicle is at Placentia Super Service, we will take a look at your tires and see if they need to be rotated or if the air pressure needs to be checked. 
  2. Don’t forget about your windshield wipers. The chilly temperatures in winter can wreak havoc on your windshield wiper blades. Even if your blades look like they are in decent condition, you might want to replace them as soon as they start to leave streaks on your windshield. Your windshield wipers are your first line of defense against the elements -- it is essential to have them inspected after winter and before spring showers. 
  3. Your brakes are vital to your overall safety and should be inspected regularly, especially after working overtime during the winter months. If you hear a grinding sound when you step on the brakes, most likely, your brakes need to be replaced. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to ensure your brakes are working safely. 
  4. Change your oil. Because winter is hard on your engine, your oil and oil filter might have become dirty. An oil change will ensure your engine continues to perform in tip-top shape and will last longer. 
  5. Keep your car hydrated. Your vehicle needs multiple fluids to function correctly. It is common for drivers not to realize these fluids are low or dirty and then face extensive and costly repairs. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, our technicians will check various fluids, including power steering, brake, transmission, windshield wiper solvent, and coolant. 

The team at Placentia Super Service can get your vehicle ready for spring! Schedule an appointment online. Placentia Super Service is conveniently located at 643 S. Melrose Street, Placentia, CA 92870.


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