The Importance of Your Cooling System in the Summer

The summer months of June, July, and August mean rising temperatures and high levels of heat. We start to prepare for summer by breaking out the bathing suits, applying sunscreen, and turning on the A/C. While we may feel cool as a cucumber, we can't forget about your vehicle. Our vehicles often take the brunt of the summer heat, while we are cool and comfortable in our air-conditioned cabin. 

What precisely cools your engine? The heat will build up inside your engine, and it needs to be released. Your engine's cool system is responsible for issuing that heat that continues to build to those high temperatures in your engine. Water and coolant will transport that heat out of your engine to your radiator. Your radiator will transfer that heat to the metal fins in the evaporator and will be blown into the air. When your coolant is dirty with rust, scale, or any other grime, it can cause severe damage to your engine -- it can corrode your coolant system's passageways, blocking water flow through the radiator. This can lead to your engine overheating. 

To prevent your engine from overheating, we recommend regularly inspecting your coolant fluid. The team at Placentia Super Service is here to help. We will carefully examine your coolant fluid for any deposits that can clog and corrode your hooses. We can also decide which coolant is right for your vehicle, as all coolant is not created equally. Your coolant system keeps your car cool and comfortable in the summer. A coolant flush is the first step in preserving your vehicle's health and safety during the summer. It can even prevent damage to your entire cooling system. 

An overheating vehicle is the last thing you want to deal with this summer, and we are here to help keep both you and your vehicle cool and comfortable during your summer drives. The team at Placentia Super Service is here to ensure your car continues to perform safely and smoothly, so you can focus on keeping your family safe and healthy. We are here to help! Schedule an appointment online. Placentia Super Service is conveniently located at 643 S. Melrose Street, Placentia, CA 92870. 


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