Top Winter Travel Destinations and How to Travel Safely

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Top Winter Travel Destinations and How to Travel Safely

Winter travel can be a hassle. Ice and snow can make travel difficult, and winter weather is unpredictable. Here in Placentia, we have it pretty easy. We’ve got a little rain and colder temperature, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore Winterization and do our business as usual. It's essential to take extra precautions when planning for your next trip in the winter months.


While traveling in the winter may seem like a daunting task, there are ways to make your journey safer and more enjoyable. Below, we list some of our top tips for winter driving here in Placentia and then give you some of our favorite travel destinations this time of year.

Prep Your Car Before Travel

Checking the condition of your vehicle is a crucial step in safe winter travel. From tires to brakes and lights, ensure your vehicle has everything it needs to navigate the elements quickly. 


In addition to checking these basics, don't forget about other essential pieces of equipment like an emergency kit (a flashlight, flares, and first aid supplies are essential) and a reliable way to keep warm if your car breaks down during cold weather (an extra blanket will go a long way).

Check The Weather On All Your Stops

Cross-country road trip? Make sure you have a weather app on your phone.


Check weather reports and forecasts for precipitation, temperature, and wind conditions. If there's a chance of snow or ice accumulation at any point during your trip, bring along an emergency kit with warm blankets and extra clothing. You should also bring an ice scraper and snow brush in case of freezing precipitation—and a flashlight if you'll be driving at night.


Bringing these supplies along will ensure that no matter what happens on the road (an accident or other emergency), you'll have everything necessary to keep yourself safe until help arrives.

Extra Time Means Less Stress

It's important to give yourself extra time for travel. While it may be tempting to leave earlier than usual to beat traffic and arrive on time, winter weather can change rapidly and make driving difficult. Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early for every trip you take this winter—and even then, make sure you have a backup plan in case something happens that delays your travel plans.

Check Your Tires Often!

When driving in winter conditions, maintaining the correct tire pressure is essential. But just checking your tires' air pressure isn't enough—you also need to check for signs of worn treads or damage that might prevent you from getting where you're going safely. If a tire looks damaged, replace it immediately because even a tiny puncture can cause an enormous problem in cold weather.

Best Travel Destinations Near Placentia This Holiday Season

Interested in traveling, but a cross-country trip isn’t in the cards? There’s plenty to do right near Placentia!

Disneyland in Anaheim. The Disneyland theme park is open year-round, but special events during December make this time of year particularly fun for visitors of all ages.

Hollywood Christmas Parade in LA. If you're looking for a holiday that's filled with the spirit of Hollywood, look no further than December's annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. The parade features floats, performers, and Santa Claus himself on his sleigh being pulled down the street by reindeer!

Swedish Christmas Fair in Huntington Beach. The Swedish Christmas Fair in Huntington Beach is a great place to check out if you want to experience a little bit of culture while on vacation. It's right on Main Street, so it's easy to find, and there are plenty of restaurants and shops around it open all year round.

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