Why You Need to Keep Your Vehicle Hydrated

Just like how we need water to stay hydrated, your vehicle needs certain fluids to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated. We may just need water to keep going, but your vehicle requires a variety of different fluids to perform in tip-top shape and ready for your next summer. With the year flying by, we think now is the perfect time to bring your vehicle into Placentia Super Service for an inspection. This way, your vehicle can stay hydrated even in the hot Placentia temperatures! 

Your vehicle is compromised of hundreds of moving parts. To make sure you get to your destination safely and smoothly, all these parts work together. As you can imagine, all this hard work can lead to your vehicle being quite thirsty! Maintaining your fluid levels is an integral part of preventative maintenance. Not only can it prevent potentially dangerous and expensive situations from occurring in the future, but it will also keep your vehicle performing in pristine condition for many more months and miles. 

When you bring your vehicle to our shop, regardless of the make, model, or mileage, we will examine these fluids, among others: 

  • Engine Oil 
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Radiator Fluid 
  • Brake Fluid 
  • Coolant 
  • Washer Fluid 

Each of these fluids play an important role in your vehicle’s safety, and at Placentia Super Service, safety always comes first! Schedule an appointment online. Placentia Super Service is conveniently located at 643 S. Melrose Street, Placentia, CA 92870.


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