Winter Weather and Preventative Maintenance

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Winter Weather and Preventative Maintenance

Winter weather is not something we don’t typically have to worry about here in Placentia. However, it can get a bit chillier here in California when Winter rolls around. If you are going somewhere cold, ensure your car is prepared for the weather. You may not need snow tires and chains, but there are still some maintenance steps you should take as the cold months roll around here in California! 

Keep an eye on tire pressure, which changes as temperature drops.

As the temperature drops, so does your tire pressure.


Tire pressure should be checked at least once per month or more often if you drive more than 5,000 miles yearly. Check the pressure when your tires are cold (not warm). 

Use a simple tire gauge to check for proper inflation levels—you'll find these in most gas stations' convenience stores. Or, come in to see us at Placentia Super Service! We’ll check out your tires and ensure the tread is just right. 

You should check on your car battery for signs of rust or erosion.

A corroded terminal can lead to a dead battery, so it's essential to check for rust and erosion every so often. It doesn't take much buildup before you notice that your car is not starting as quickly when it's cold out. 

Before going on a road trip, you should prepare for the weather in whatever state you are traveling to.

The holidays are upon us, which may mean lots of traveling. Before going on a road trip, you should prepare for the weather in whatever state you are traveling to. This includes checking the area's weather forecast and road conditions. You should also check where you can find gas and food nearby so that if your car breaks down, you have everything needed to survive until help arrives.

Have an emergency kit audit as it gets colder.

As winter approaches, it's essential to ensure you have all the supplies and equipment needed for a potential emergency. If the weather turns foul, it's possible that your car could break down in some weather conditions you’re just not used to. 


A proper emergency kit is essential for any driver living in an area prone to severe weather conditions. Always have an extra phone charger and information to contact emergency car services. 


Other things that are good to include in your emergency kit are snacks, a flashlight and spare batteries, extra washer fluid, and a toolkit that lets you do minor repairs if necessary.

An excellent cold-weather winter car kit should also include something warm to put on if you get stranded out in the cold with no way to heat up the car. You will also want to have a small heater in your kit that uses batteries or an outlet adapter to fit into any socket.

Visit Us At Placentia Super Service!

Hopefully, these tips will help you prepare your car for the cold weather. We know it doesn’t get too frigid here in California, but preparing is still important! Don't wait until there's a problem! We welcome you to bring your vehicle into our shop for oil changes, tune-ups, repairs, and everything in between. Come and see us at Placentia Super Service! If you are interested in bringing your car into the shop, click here to schedule an appointment or find us at 643 S Melrose St, Placentia, CA 92870


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