Your Service Checklist for Your Vehicle

Image by Ryan Doka from Pixabay 


March is upon us, which means it is time for our monthly blog! This month, we want to highlight some services you should consider for your vehicle to prolong your engine life and work efficiently. Having your engine serviced is vital to prevent problems from worsening, which can eventually lead to costly repair jobs. This is why we recommend you have your engine serviced regularly and inspected for any potential issues.


As a trusted auto repair shop, Placenta Super Service is proud to offer the best work in the area when it comes to taking care of you and your vehicle. In this blog, we will list some services that you should consider when you bring your vehicle into our shop, and if you are unsure about whether you need a service or not, we will gladly inspect your vehicle and give you insight into what is required. Please continue reading to learn more about what should be on your checklist for services.


Wiper blades - one of your vehicle’s most important safety features is the wiper blades. When in use, your wiper blades remove dirt, dust, bugs, and the build-up of grime from your windshield. This offers better visibility of the road ahead of you. In wet conditions such as rain or fog, your wiper blades remove excess water that can otherwise impair your vision.


Oil - A regular oil change can benefit your vehicle by prolonging the life of your engine and the moving parts inside of it. The oil in your engine works to lubricate and keep the moving parts of your engine cool. This prevents overheating from friction which can cause your engine to break down. We recommend having your oil inspected and changed if needed.


Tire rotation & pressure - Your tires are the primary contact point with the road. They offer traction and torque needed for your car to move. To have a properly working vehicle, make sure to have your tires rotated to avoid uneven wear and have your tire’s air pressure checked as well.


Battery - The battery is an essential part of your vehicle as it provides the electricity needed for several components. It is usual for batteries to wear down over time, but having a faulty battery can cause you to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. We recommend having your battery inspected and replaced if needed to avoid this.


Brake pads - Another one of your many safety features, your brake pads help your car come to a complete stop when necessary. It is essential to have these brake pads changed so that you can trust your vehicle to stop when it is required. 


Hoses & belts - A tricky but necessary inspection job is looking for leaks or ruptures in your hoses. Leaking fluids can cause damage to your engine, and we want to make sure your fluids are kept where they belong. As for your timing belts, it is typical for wear. We want to ensure your timing belts are strong and working correctly to enable your engine to be as efficient as possible.

If you are interested in any of these services or want your vehicle inspected for any problems, please bring your vehicle to Placentia Super Service. We will gladly perform any work needed to get you back on the road in no time! You can visit our shop located at 643 S Melrose St, Placentia, CA 92870, or call us at 714-528-1828 to schedule your appointment today!


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